Orvista Privacy Policy

We have a detailed privacy policy to demonstrate our commitment to your safety and privacy when using this site. By using the Orvista site for all your freelancing needs, you are adhering to our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Collecting information

As an online freelancing company, we will collect your information when you sign up with our freelancing company. We may also collect personal information for you to use the various tools and services that this site provides. They may include: a) Name and contact info such as phone number, email address, physical address, and mobile cell number. We may also need your financial details such as bank account numbers depending on the services you require. b) Information related to online site transactions such as buying, bidding, selling, and various other information you provide when you complete a successful transaction c) Personal information provided through chats, correspondence, or info shared from social media sites or other websites. d) Additional personal info such as a copy of your ID to authenticate yourself such as in the case of violation of our website policies. e) Any data from your interaction with our services, advertising, and content. Such information may include, but not limited to the following IP address, ad data, geo-location data, and log info. f) Aggregate info. Orvista also collects anonymous information either general or generic in nature. Such data helps us to improve user experience on our site. g) Non-Personal data. Orvista may also collect information when you use any of our services. For instance, third-party sites such as Google Analytics may collect info in the form of cookies, web logs, from your mobile device or browser.

How do we store online information?

We have servers in the US only. Orvista maintains full control of your personal data in countries it’s stored. Our administrative and technical security procedures ensure data is kept safe and is free from disclosure, misuse, loss, or unauthorized access. Security steps and measures we use include, but not limited to, advanced data encryption, firewalls, and physical access to our servers.

How do we use all collected information?

a) Once you become a member of Orvista, we may request some personal info from you. We will not share your personal information with any other parties other than those prescribed in this privacy policy. All collected data is used to improve the user experience of this site. We may also use such information to spread word of any site updates, or new features incorporated in the site, for instance through your personal email. b) Communication through your email. We often send new users a welcome email to verify their Orvista Account. Also, you may receive emails to verify information such as your billing address, and account management details. You may receive surveys, marketing information, product evaluations, developer updates, event information and product announcements from us. However, if you want to unsubscribe from these emails, you can also do so by updating your email options from your account, or by sending us an email indicating that you want your email to be removed from our email list. Additionally, every email has an unsubscribe link which you can use to unsubscribe the e-mails. c) We may also send you SMS notifications for operational purposes such as verifying your information in case of a billing transaction. You can opt out of such SMS by updating your notification options in your Account. d) Marketing information. We may send you information regarding our tools and services based on your preferences. Nevertheless, if you want your email to be removed from our email list, you can always email us or change your preferences. e) We value the privacy of our users. With that in mind, we don’t share, sell or rent your personal information with other persons or non-affiliated firms. However, we may share your non-Personal Information for our marketing needs such as, for marketing on other sites. For instance, non-personal information may be used to determine the number of times you get to see an ad and the effectiveness of our ad campaigns. You can prevent the use of non-Personal info used in ad campaigns by erasing your cookies.

Information sharing

a) In the event of a legal action, we may disclose personal information in a claim that violates the rights of other users for us to enforce our privacy policies. Such information will be shared in accordance with applicable statutes and regulations. Also, it should be noted that no personal information will be released to third parties for the purpose of marketing without your consent. b) We may share personal information with our third party suppliers, related bodies located overseas for the reasons listed in the previous point. Nevertheless, we will ensure recipients of your information don’t breach any privacy obligations related to your personal data. c) Your personal info may be disclosed in the event of a sale of all or part of Orvista Assets. d) Data in aggregated form may be shared with third parties and advertisers. Our data exchange encryption technologies are industry standard, tested and safe.


a) Cookies are bits of data used to uniquely identify your browser on your laptop, mobile device or PC. Orvista uses cookies referred to as ‘persistent’ cookies to assist you quickly remember your site visits, speeding up or improving your experience on functions or services offered. Cookies also help us to gather navigational patterns on our website. You can always disable cookies from your preferences in your mobile device or PC browser. Also, Orvista may use cookies to store your website activities which may, in turn, be used by third party vendors such as Google. b) Third parties such as Google Analytics may store non-personal data from server logs, cookies, and other similar technology from your mobile phone or PC. You can use this link to opt out of Google cookies. c) If you choose to use the log in details of your Facebook or Twitter account, you are agreeing to share some of your personal information with us in accordance with the privacy policy and user agreement of the social media channel being used. In the case of Facebook, it may share with us your birthday, your interests or those of your friends. In such a case you are subject to the social channel’s terms and conditions.

Updating personal information

If you wish to amend any personal information, you are free to do so through your profile settings. If there is any information we have about you that you deem to be incorrect, you can always request us to change it. Furthermore, you may request us your personal information. We may give you access to the info through your email or mailing address. A fee for may be charged to cover administrative costs for providing such data. However, no fee will be charged for amending the information to your desire. You may be denied access to your personal information if granting you access may lead to a breach of confidentiality or interfere with the privacy of other users. In such a case, you will be given clear reasons for any denial.

Changes to the privacy policy

Users are encouraged to keep checking the Orvista Privacy Policy in the event of any changes.